Welcome to DocCobb.com!

This is the blog/website for J. Erick Cobb DVM, a horse vet in the Murrieta valley. I hope to use this site as a way for new clients to find me and for established clients to get valuable information about their horses.

As word about who I am: I grew up in southern California and graduated from UC Davis veterinary school in 2000. After graduating from veterinary school I moved to Murrieta to establish my all equine veterinary practice in association with Murrieta Equine Associates. Seven years later, as a team of five individual equine practices we are still striving to provide excellent veterinary care for the horses of our valley.

Please contact me if you are looking for a mobile, exclusively equine veterinarian. I do calls in La Cresta (a region of Murrieta) multiple days each week, as well as, the cities of Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, and Menifee.

Looking forward to getting to know you and your horse. ~ J. Erick Cobb, DVM (951) 526-8848
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